Smart Intralogistics

Automation projects for intralogistics. We work in various sectors with a wide range of solutions that we combine tailored to your needs.


Specialists in packing processes, automatic palletizing and automatic integration of the production area with the warehouses.


Modular automatic sorting systems, with different capacities, from 1,500 to 12,000 packages / hour, adapted to the requirements of each application.

Automatic Warehouses

Cenker manufactures high-tech automated warehouses, from simple, compact installations to complex multi-machine projects.


We are an industrial automation company specialized in intralogistics and end of line projects.

Warehouse Automation

We are specialists in intralogistics solutions, with a wide portfolio of automatic or semi-automatic solutions.

We are manufacturers

Cenker manufactures all its intralogistics systems under the ISO-9001 standard, offering the highest quality and versatility to each project.

Specialized Technical Service

We offer maintenance programs tailored to each need, with periodic reviews and a high availability call center.

Turnkey projects

We take care of all stages from design to commissioning including the required software and IT integration.

Robust and Reliable Systems

Our equipment is prepared to satisfy high availability applications operating without interruption.

Customized solutions

By combining our equipment and software modules we can create the best solution for each particular need.


Our technological solutions are applied in various sectors and industries.


The customization and adaptation of our solutions to every need is one of our added values.

Executive Project

The functional scope and the approval of plans are agreed in coordination with the client.


Our Engineering Department designs the details of the project and the production plans are generated.


The Production Department manufactures the project with the highest quality standards.

Computer Integration

Project-specific interfaces are scheduled, as well as pre-production tests.

Quality Control

Both the hardware equipment and the software programs are subjected to quality control.


In a coordinated manner with the client, the project is installed according to the schedule.


The established performance tests and acceptance test are passed.

Start up

The installation goes into operation with the accompaniment of Cenker.

After-sales service

We offer after-sales technical service for both preventive and corrective maintenance.


Program for the creation of commercial alliances with Cenker Robotics.

We offer a complete technical / commercial training program to represent and promote our technology solutions. Request information without any commitment.


Proyecto de I+D EdgeScan

Cenker Robotics, lidera el Proyecto EdgeSCAN, subvencionado por el programa HAZITEK del Departamento de Desarrollo Económico, Sostenibilidad y Medio Ambiente del Gobierno Vasco y cofinanciado por el Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional (FEDER).

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ISO 9001:2015 standard renewal

The report of the external audit team evidences the correct fulfillment of the contractual requirements ISO 9001, as well as the commitment of Cenker Robotics in the processes of continuous improvement for the benefit of its clients.

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Aplicación de técnicas de IA a almacenes automáticos

Proyecto de I+D en cooperación con la Universidad de Deusto, apoyado por el Departamento de Desarrollo Económico del Gobierno Vasco, para la mejora de almacenes automáticos mediante la aplicación de Inteligencia Artificial.

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Examples of companies with Cenker technology in their warehouses or factories.